Gift guide for the bike enthusiasts

wooden bike as a gift

Nothing can be more tedious than finding the right gift for someone you care about – especially nowadays when everyone with means and internet access already has everything. Since you’re here you’re here, you’re already in luck – we’ve seen first hand that wooden bikes put the sparkle in eyes of even the most accomplished people out there.

Now it’s just about choosing the right Materia bike for the right person.

For the significant other

Nothing beats a relaxed bike ride with your loved one on a nice afternoon or over the weekend. Now, imagine doing just that, but with matching wooden bikes. Especially with custom engravings that you can add to any bike that you order.

This is especially awesome if you have 5th (in some countries it’s the 6th) wedding anniversary coming up – it’s the wood anniversary.

For the cool youngster

Fixed gear bikes are all the rage nowadays. Some people like them for their simplicity, others for the pure looks and some others are captivated by the function (or lack of it).

For your sporty friend

Everyone has at least one friend who is nuts about sports and usually this person tries and does everything – from skiing to running. For such people we have our performance bike line that is made for and by serious bike enthusiasts.

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