Wooden bike in winter?

wooden bike winter

While we know that we have covered each bike with more than enough material to keep the wood safe for many years, it’s probably true what they say – one video is worth thousand words. So, this is Bruno – he bikes to work every day of the year. Even when the temperatures are well […]

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Wood bicycle producers around the world

While wooden bike is a novelty, we’re not the only ones who work in this field. Here’s an alphabetic list of currently active wood bike producers around the world. If we have missed anything – let us know in the comments section and we’ll update the list accordingly. We’re glad to be a part of […]

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Gift guide for the bike enthusiasts

wooden bike as a gift

Nothing can be more tedious than finding the right gift for someone you care about – especially nowadays when everyone with means and internet access already has everything. Since you’re here you’re here, you’re already in luck – we’ve seen first hand that wooden bikes put the sparkle in eyes of even the most accomplished […]

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History of wooden bicycles

wooden bicycle history

So. Wooden bicycles. Are they really a novelty or are they something that has come back from the past? It all started around 1817 – with velocipedes & dandy horses The dandy-horse was a two-wheeled vehicle, with both wheels in-line, propelled by the rider pushing along the ground with the feet as in regular walking […]

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Renovo bikes – thank you for showing the way


This year has been tough for wooden bicycle makers – Renovo has gone out of business. This is a thank you note to Renovo – company that brought wooden bike frames to the world. Launched in 2008 (Portland) they have been the ice-breaker for wooden bikes around the world. Thanks to them there are a […]

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Why wood

wooden bike

Do they break easily?Can they withstand rain?Can they be compared to regular bikes? – Questions similar to these are completely logical and expected since wooden bikes aren’t too common. We have had the same questions and concerns ourselves and have tried our best to answer them. Not so long ago we even left one of […]

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